Whether you are looking for custom software development, software improvement, system integration, quality assurance, software support, or technology consulting – we are here to help you.

Ulterior technologies offer a strong combination of advanced tech expertise, mature and low-risk development processes, and proven tactics in a wide range of business domains to convert your bright ideas into results. Let’s have a look at our full range, advanced software development services.

Application Development

Staying ahead or at least at par with your competitors is a must in today’s highly competitive business environment. And if you ready with the right strategies, you are at least taking the right direction! Custom software applications are very important for automating and streamlining the business processes in a company.

At Ulterior technologies, we help our clients with customized software development according to their business preferences. We focus mainly on elucidating our clients’ views and help them with a blueprint for the most relevant software development. Communication is one of our biggest priorities, and we keep communicating with our clients throughout the stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We ensure that nothing goes unnoticed from our developers as well as clients.

Product Development and Maintenance

Proper and continuous development as well as maintenance of software products and the invention of new ones – all are mandatory to remain competitive. We understand it very well and help companies with our extensive range of product development services, including testing, maintenance, and redesigning. We don’t ignore the importance of following a well-defined software production process. The unique combination of best developmental practices and rigorous quality assurance helps us delivering the most suitable, reliable, and high-end software products to our customers.

Our extensive product development services include:

   - Development of a new product
   - Modification and redesigning of an already existing software product
   - Control and release of new, improved versions
   - All-round technology migration
   - Architecture advancement based on SaaS

Enterprise Solutions

Large-scale businesses with various departments, systems, multiple locations, and people may face challenges like a proper and on-time exchange of information, collaboration, and workflow management, etc. Properly designed enterprise solutions can bring different data, processes, systems, and people on the same platform.
At Ulterior, we don’t ignore these possible challenges and thus provide Enterprise Application Development solutions specially designed to meet advanced business requirements. We offer a wide range of services, including development, consulting, integration, requirement analysis, strategizing, and maintenance, etc. We are more than happy to help you transform your business through enterprise solutions like CRM, ERP, BI solutions, business mobile application development, enterprise content management, and so on.

Testing & QA

Software development is definitely an essential part of your business. But, without regular upgrades, most of the software doesn’t work at their full capacity. The quality of software surely matters a lot. It doesn’t matter, how well software is designed from the functionality’s aspects, if there are even a few technical flaws, you won’t get the most of it.
At Ulterior, we don’t only focus on the development and designing of the software. We also give a lot of importance to QA testing. We test all the software according to industry-standard software testing techniques. We help our customers achieving their quality assurance goals.

UI/UX Design

The user experience of software, website, or a mobile application matters a lot these days. It is as important as its features and functionalities. Through better user experience, you can easily satisfy your customers, and can quickly gain better engagement and conversion.

We, at Ulterior technologies, deliver a wide range of UI and UX design and development solutions including:
   - Graphics Designing and Testing
   - User Testing
   - Interaction Design
   - Information Architecture Planning
   - Frontend Development

Reach us for the best software development services; meet our qualified professionals serving to a wide range of industries.